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Published On: Tue, Jul 28th, 2015

Who is the REAL Nuclear Threat in the Middle East?

Who is the REAL Nuclear Threat in the Middle East?
by Truthloader

“Israel has had nuclear weapons since the mid-1960s. They were developed with the assistance of France, the UK, the US and others, despite those countries publicly opposing nuclear proliferation. Israel’s possession of nukes was a closely guarded secret until 1986 when engineer, Mordechai Vanunu, leaked documents to the British press confirming their existence. Even so, the Knesset still refuses to acknowledge the programme exists and its allies choose not to speak on the matter. This is a story all about how Israel developed “secret” nuclear weapons.” See this enlightening video below:

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Newspaper articles:

Israel’s Nuclear Arsenal and American Foreign Policy
by Seymour M. Hersh



H.R. 83 the monster unconstitutional spending spree our traitors in office just passed and our Dictator Obama signed requires the U.S. to hand over $3.1 billion dollars in one lump sum to the terrorist state of Israel within 30-days; by January 13, 2014. And there are millions if not billions more going to Israel in addition to that, including jobs, contracts, etc.

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