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Published On: Sat, May 9th, 2015

Announcing World News Directory™ – Drudge on Steroids!

Announcing World News Directory™ – This is Drudge on Steroids!

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  • World News Directory™ has up-to-the-minute newsfeeds, articles, videos, and audios from nearly 100 news outlets including; C-Span, Ben Swann, CBS, RT, Fox, Veterans Today and more in its ever-expanding cavalcade of diverse news sources from around the world;
  • Also Included are a vast array of news organizations listed by state and county, along with links to their websites, Facebook & Twitter accounts. We list Local TV Stations, Newspapers, Radio Stations, Magazines and College Newspapers. This is an amazing resource for news collectors in the USA and around the world.
  • World News Directory™ Live Streaming TV is Coming Soon!

In 1994, the internet was not even imagined by 99% of the population. Big TV Stations, Big Radio Stations, Big City Dailies, AP Wire, New York Times, Washington Post, and the Wall Street Journal was all there was. That’s where people in the USA and around the world ultimately received their News.

Then the Internet burst forth and by the end of 1996 millions of people were exploring this new communication tool.
In 1998, something called the Drudge Report broke the story of “President Clinton/Monica Lewinsky.” The Big News outlets had been holding back, and one website broke what became the major story of that year.

All three major Network TV anchors – Dan Rather of CBS, Peter Jennings of ABC, and Tom Brokaw of NBC – were all in Cuba to cover the groundbreaking appearance of John Paul II, who was arriving in Cuba to meet Castro and pass by motorcade through large crowds of the Cuban people.

But before the anchors could cover those imminent happenings, their bosses ordered all three of the big network anchors to get up in the middle of the night and fly back to Washington DC and New York City to cover the story that the Drudge Report had launched. The internet, and one lone website, had changed the way News would be brought to the American people, and the world, forever.

It’s reported all over Big Corporate Media itself that ownership of the major news outlets has shrunken from over 80 companies to only five or six major corporations.

Enter World News Directory™. On this one website readers worldwide can wake up and find all of the major corporate media outlets as well as the most interesting and most responsible independent news organizations and websites.

Most people are too busy working and feeding their families to take the time to research what is really happening in our world on the internet, therefore the majority of people are getting their news from 5 or 6 corporations.
Similarly many people in the liberty movement pride themselves on never watching main stream corporate media; however, it is important that we all keep up to date on what is happening in the world, even when having to read between the lines.

It’s a new era, and World News Directory™ is taking it to the next level.

We envision a network of competent reporters eventually feeding the world news from their own home countries in real time, in a way that those elsewhere could not possibly accomplish. World News Directory TV™ is coming soon.

Please share World News Directory™ with your friends and family that might otherwise never see the responsible journalism being practiced by independent news outlets and writers around the world.

Be a part of this exciting next level of News. We invite you to travel this exhilarating and pioneering journey with us.

Welcome aboard!

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