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"Follow the money!" The old maxim is always sound advice when assessing the motives of those advancing bold agendas for the benefit of mankind. Invariably, the newest progressive idea entails a transfer of wealth from the taxpaying classes of Western nations to our transnational, global and Third World elites. For the masters of the universe,...
Fri, 24 Sep 2021 04:00:36
Imagine being an Australian and being completely invaded by the Chinese. Like, literally everything in your country is owned by the Chinese, and they’re building colonies inside your country, because your government legalized selling national resources to foreigners. Then imagine that while you’re being told that it is racist to complain about your country being...
Thu, 23 Sep 2021 04:20:32
The official Narrative of the Mostly Peaceful Protest at the U.S. Capitol on January 6 has been promulgated: A horde of anti-democratic Nazis attempted to overthrow the U.S. government. General Mark Milley, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff recently revealed to have notified Red China of U.S. war plans in event of hostilities,...
Thu, 23 Sep 2021 04:20:29
It seems that ever since Hillary Clinton lost to Donald Trump in the U.S. presidential election of 2016 the western media and numerous politicians have been working especially hard to convince the world that the Russian government is little better than a modern version of Josef Stalin’s USSR. Part of the effort can be attributed...
Thu, 23 Sep 2021 04:15:01
This column is Part 3 of a 3-part series. Read Part 1, “Big Tech’s Financial Terrorism And Social Excommunication” and Part 2, “Justice Thomas’ Solution to Big Tech’s Social And Financial Excommunication.” ** It is inarguable that by financially crippling and socially segregating, and banishing politically irksome people and enterprises—the Big Tech cartel is flouting...
Thu, 23 Sep 2021 04:00:59
The New York Times is looking to get ahead of next Monday's scheduled release of FBI national crime data, which is expected to show a historic spike in murders largely driven by systematically emboldened black criminals. The anti-racist policies that have created these conditions, including criminal justice reform, have enjoyed bipartisan support from US elites...
Thu, 23 Sep 2021 04:00:46
New data shows that them niggas out there be wilin, with many suggesting they are wilin like a muffagguh out of this bitch. Daily Mail: So the murder rate rose almost three times more than any previous murder rate rise in history? [image][F]https://dailystormer.su/wp-content/uploads
Thu, 23 Sep 2021 04:00:16
On the demand for an “all inclusive government” Imagine if the French revolutionaries were asked to retain the elements of the kingdom of Louis XVI while forming the new republic to keep it all ‘inclusive’. Imagine that the American revolutionaries were asked to keep the British loyalists as a part of the new American republic...
Wed, 22 Sep 2021 04:15:09
The two defining moments of the historic 20th anniversary Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) summit in Dushanbe, Tajikistan had to come from the keynote speeches of – who else – the leaders of the Russia-China strategic partnership. Xi Jinping: “Today we will launch procedures to admit Iran as a full member of the SCO.” Vladimir Putin:...
Wed, 22 Sep 2021 04:10:16
Growing up on a North German farm, I never met any Jews before I started studying classical piano at music conservatory. Two Ashkenazi students (male and female) from England were part of my class, and over the years, we interacted several times like students do, in a friendly, fun manner. I remember having accompanied a...
Wed, 22 Sep 2021 04:05:21
Corporate Media
No. 19 Michigan will have its first major test of the college football season when it hosts Rutgers in a rematch of last year’s epic three-overtime game.
Fri, 24 Sep 2021 12:22:40
A 1993 Toyota Pickup that was parked in a barn 28 years ago and has just 84 miles on it is up for auction. The unusual truck is located in New Hampshire.
Fri, 24 Sep 2021 12:13:40
Linda Evangelista claimed a cosmetic procedure left her 'permanently deformed' and 'destroyed' her modeling career.
Fri, 24 Sep 2021 12:09:37
Marshall football pulled off a brilliant fake reverse on a kick return Thursday night in a game against Appalachian State.
Fri, 24 Sep 2021 12:04:33
A veteran television journalist accused CNN's Chris Cuomo on Friday of once sexually harassing her when they worked together at ABC News.
Fri, 24 Sep 2021 11:59:51
Activists spoke out against a sex-ed program used in a Minnesota school district that includes asking straight students to role play homosexual and transgender relationships.
Fri, 24 Sep 2021 11:51:43
The Ryder Cup is back, and U.S. fans who packed Whistling Straits for the three-day event beginning Friday belted out Neil Diamond’s "Sweet Caroline" as the sun rose over the course.
Fri, 24 Sep 2021 11:41:40
By the age of 26, Pipko’s name and face have captivated two entirely different audiences: the ones who enjoy pouring over fashion spreads, and those who have their noses buried in the headlines about today’s political climate.
Fri, 24 Sep 2021 11:20:38
The Timberwolves made headlines on Wednesday when they fired general manager Gersson Rosas and promoted Sachin Gupta to fill his role.
Fri, 24 Sep 2021 11:18:42
The COVID-19 virus has been deemed the greatest threat to our society by Democrats and activists of a similar priority.
Fri, 24 Sep 2021 11:13:52
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